Friday, May 16, 2008

You're Not Supposed To Read This.

I first just have to mention Nancy - congratulations! I'm sure most people already know about her blog, but if you don't... she 's proof that BFPs can indeed not show up until 11dp3dt! (which would be approximately 9dp5dt) Of course, I don't think anyone who sees a stark white area where they hope to see a second line, or worse, the awful 'NOT PREGNANT' message that some tests scream, wants to hear 'Oooh - there is still hope!' I know that wouldn't have helped me at 8dp5dt when I am sure I would have seen a BFN, had I had the balls to actually POAS that day. (My beta was not very high at 9dp5dt and I was spotting!)

Anyway... ummm...I guess I have very shy visitors? I mean really people, three whole comments from my last post? Phhhht! Oh well, I really had hoped to find out a little more about my readers, and see if there were silent lurkers out there. Thanks to those who did comment.

Essentially begging for comments probably is a bad idea anyway. Besides - I don't want comments. I hate blog comments. Please do not post comments here, ever! In fact, make sure you do not read this blog! Are you still reading this? I just told you not to!

So anyway, reading Dr. Grumbles recent entry regarding the shirts she would like to purchase reminded me of the shirts that happen to be on their way to me right now from Caf.e I purchased this one for now and this one for when I'm bigger... assuming things continue to go along according to plan. Yes, I do still have concerns about things suddenly taking a turn for the worse. I do not really vocalize such thoughts to people IRL, because most would think I was a complete idiot, but I think those in the IF world will understand. Anyway, I plan to wear the 'Designated Driver' one next Friday when I go to the annual ' and' celebration with DH at a bar down by the shore. (I only live an hour from the beach) This will be the fifth year there - I even took off work! Basically, you get there at 10am, eat, drink beer (Nothing like beer before noon! And no, of course I will not be drinking beer this year!), and listen to bands to kick off Memorial Day weekend. Local radio stations broadcast from the event, there are giveaways, etc. Lots of people there tend to wear shirts with funny/smart ass comments on them, so I thought the Designated Driver one was appropriate! I also bought a shirt for DH to wear. Heh heh.

My enormous number of commentors did say that they would like to see more posts about my preg... my pregggg... me being 'p'. Well, all three of you are going to be just so happy that you made that request after reading this! I have had an annoying cough for the past 3 weeks. I feel fine, as I believe it is just allergy related, (just a lot of mucous) but I am doing a lot of coughing... which means I have to be verrrry careful. See, umm, if my preg-bladder has just a teensy weensy amount of liquid in it... and I cough too hard... guess what happens? Little leaks. Yes, I know... eeeww!!! No, I do not need Depends, I just need to hold back my urge to cough if I haven't peed in the past 10 seconds. Sometimes when I have to cough up a nice, big gob of something (grossed out yet?) I actually get up to go to the bathroom to cough because I know there's bound to be a leak. It's lots of fun.... so fun that perhaps I should get this shirt. Seriously, would anyone wear that? Wait, don't answer that, because I hate comments. And why are you still reading?

There is a ton of stuff that needs to get done at our house before October... and I have the urge to throw out all of my furniture because apparently, the 'nesting' instinct is synonymous with suddenly hating everything in your house. Little things that never bothered me before are driving me nuts. I obviously didn't want to start 'preparing' too early, because that would of course just jinx everything, but I don't want to be scrambling in September, stressing because my computers are still set up smack in the middle of what is supposed to be a nursery. I do actually have a ton of baby stuff already though - crib set bottles, blankets, shirts, wall decorations - lots of stuff. I've had them for a while...some before I was even seeing my RE. The presense of these don't count towards any type of 'jinxing' because they're different. I realize what I just said makes no sense - and it isn't supposed to. I'll explain it in my next post, because this one is getting too long. Plus, I want to make sure there's a reason for people to not come back here.


Rebecca said...

You're too funny about people not posting comments, so I'm going against your advice! I know what you're saying about the nesting the process of being pregnant with twins, we're redoing out downstairs bathroom (for which all of the materials are sitting in my living room), getting new windows/siding next week, and my husband wants to redo the basement. This is all happening while the babies' room is painted, gets new baseboards, new light fixtures, new closet organizers, and new furniture. Apparently, I'm doing the opposite from you and bringing everything I can INTO the house rather than getting rid of things! It's driving me nuts, but I just try not to look at any of it! Good luck with your nesting...and getting more comments!

Denise said...

Okay, I have to admit that I was just too lazy to comment on your last post. I felt like it would be an injustice to not answer every question and I just couldn't find the energy. But you know I read. And more about the preggo stuff please. I need to learn what to expect!

Dr. Grumbles said...

Love the shirts!

And sorry if you hate comments, because I am defiant!

Egged Out said...

I've been reading your blog for a while (I don't know how long - at least 17 weeks because I remember when you got your bfp) and I enjoy it but I stopped checking often because the posts were infrequent (which I am guilty of, too). SO, I missed your questionnaire because I didn't check in until today. Sorry about that.

I read from home or work (usually home). Live in CA. I'm infertile but hoping to remedy that with a donor egg cycle next month. I enjoy reading about pregnancy after infertility because that's where I hope to be soon so please continue to write about that. I can't remember your other questions but I will check in more frequently and I probably should update my own blog as well...

Sorry for commenting.

Springroll said...

Okay, to add to your fan base -
I've been following your blog for a little while now - I think since you got your bfp. I love your sense of humour and your intelligent insights (sounds like we're cyber-dating, doesn't it??) and I keep reading because you inspire me to hang in there. Like the others, I am experiencing infertility and have been now for about almost two years. I'm on the waiting list for IVF at my clinic and hope to get in this month or next.
I read your posts at work, at home, wherever and whenever I need a pick me up. So glad you're doing well with your pg - keep posting about it. And I too am glad that you are posting with regularity now - I missed it for a while!
Take care,