Thursday, May 1, 2008

Evap Lines?

Update: They weren't evap lines - she got a BFP!
Ok, you have to go over to this blog and see what is going on! Long story short - she's getting evap lines on her pee sticks (evil pee sticks!)... but they sure don't look like evap lines to me! She had a beta at her Dr.'s office and they say the Dr. is away and she will have to wait until next Tuesday for the results! WHA? It's like a little soap opera and I must stop refreshing her blog! Anyway, go over and check out the pics of the "evap lines" - if her beta winds up being negative with lines coming up like that, I will conclude that all pee sticks are indeed made by satan himself.

ps - I am 15w5d today. Nothing much to report, except that I sometimes want to eat a small house. Energy level is pretty much back to normal. In fact, I don't feel 'p' much at all - it's weird. Only thing is when I eat, even just a little, it seems that my stomach really bloats up, but then it goes back down after a while (well, down to it's currently larger size from the weight I put on in the first few weeks) Make sense?


Dr. Grumbles said...

OMG! I actually clicked on the link, thinking "Great, someone else in this situation!" Silly me!

I have accepted that the second one is not an evap line. Since I have been here before, I do hesistate is to even use the p word.

Thanks for the mention!

Ms. J said...

Thanks for checking in -- been thinking about you!

Have you been craving any foods in particular?

Susan said...

I just realized that we are at the same exact gestational age. How cool!

I'm hungry all day too and feel as big as a house after I eat. Glad to hear you're doing great.

Duck said...

those lines do look pretty solid. I did get a false positive once (we think maybe a chemical?).But still the double lines, and Mr. Duck saw it too, so I will never ever POAS, they are EVIL.