Monday, May 19, 2008

18w2d (because I can't think of a title)

Another 'no-no'.
Oh come on! I can't freaking do anything! No alcohol, coffee, sushi... or cell phone?

Warning: Using a mobile phone while pregnant can seriously damage your baby

I know, I know, the study could be jumping to conclusions too quickly, and next year a study could come out that totally contradicts this one... but I'm going to try and cut my cell phone use, just in case. If I won't take a sip of alcohol (and yes, I know you can probably have a little here and there without causing a problem), if I won't take asprin for a pounding headache, I'm certainly not taking any chances by gabbing on my dumb cell phone. Watch, they'll be a study next year showing how cell phone usage makes babies smart - you just wait!

The 'p' update.
So, am I back in the first trimester today or something? I actually had a slight bit of nausea this morning - very minor, but it was still there. Plus, I was dragging all yesterday (though I was out until 2:30am Sat night), fell asleep early last night and just did not want to get out of bed this morning! I still feel like going back to sleep. My very tight pants are reminding me though, that I am indeed at 18w2d. I think I 'popped' in the past few days, and yes, there will be more pictures.
I went out on Saturday to see a local band and ran into a couple of people I had not seen in a while...there was no hiding my belly (I would have had to wear a sweatshirt for that) but no one said anything... probably because they were trying to figure out if I was 'p' or just getting chunky! (btw, is it creepy that I wore a black shirt with a skull on the front? DH thought it was hilarious) I still look more chunky than 'p', and I know people at work are going to start wondering - but will be afraid to ask! Heh heh. I'm letting them all wonder for a little longer.

So you wanted to know about my job? Not really? I'm telling you anyway!
I realize in most job situations, it would be a bad idea to not mention anything to your boss by this point, since they'll want to plan who will take over certain duties, etc. However, this isn't exactly the case here. I'm a contractor, and do not have any maternity leave/vacation pay, which works fine for me since my hourly rate makes up for that. However, I also don't have guaranteed long-term employment. It all has to do with funding for the particular project I work on, which I won't get into. Last year, they had to let me (and others) go from October through December. This actually worked well for me, because my home business gets very busy during those months. They then called me back at the beginning of January (since they just love me) for six weeks... which then got extended through April... and now I am on a month to month basis. I actually don't mind this type of situation though. It's the type of job where they will most likely have work for me, maybe just not year-round, which is fine because I never planned to work full-time with a child (thus the home business, though that wound up not providing the income I had hoped for, which is why it's now only a small side business) I'm hoping that I can work something like 20 hours a week perhaps, since they are very flexible with contractors, especially those with children (still hard for me t think of myself actually having a child!) but we'll see. And yep, I am at work right now and am waiting for something because I can't start my next test write-up until I have this particular information. (tapping fingers...)

Oh, and all of you who commented when I told you not too - you are in soooo much trouble! *wink*


Denise said...

Don't articles like this just make you want to live in a bubble while you're pregnant? And then make your kid live in a bubble after he/she's born?

Rebeccah said...

I walked in the door tonight and my husband asked me where my cell phone was. He was going to take it away from me! I will probably limit my use now even more than I already do, but wow is there anything that is safe?!

(btw, thanks for your comments on my blog today -- it's okay to disagree!)

Dr. Grumbles said...

Don't trust science reporting - that's all I'll say!

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