Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Witch Has Arrived

AF arrived - one day later than usual - just enough to give me hope. How stupid of me to be hopeful. I guess it seems odd to think that I would get pregnant unassisted this month (except for progesterone support) but since I ovulate normally, I figured it was possible. Now I start BC pills to gear up for IVF.

I am so pissed off for so many reasons at the moment that I don't have anything else to say right now (though I am almost done the post about acupuncture which I kept promising to write!)

I am off to watch my football team play their last game of the season (they didn't make the playoffs) and try not to start crying suddenly (which has been happening all morning) and get salty tears in my beer.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

She Lives!

Happy Holidays to all.
(I started this post on Dec 22, my pc crashed and I just now got back to finishing it! Let's hear it for auto-save in blogs)

My dream is to be the designated driver for EVERYONE on New Year's Eve.

I never meant to let almost two months go by between posts. First, I am not pregnant. I didn't suddenly get a BFP and stop posting. I was not ill. I just stopped posting - not sure why. I pretty much stopped reading blogs too - maybe in the back of my mind I thought not reading/posting would magically get me pregnant. Hey, weirder things have happened....

I'll quickly summarize the past two months, and go into more details in later posts. Really, I will. There will be posts, I promise. I really mean it! And I need to check in on the blogs I so rudely stopped reading...

November: Meds, IUI, extra BDing as backup, even used preseed, continued acupuncture. BFN.

Read a few blogs and see some devastating news in three of them and wonder why bad luck seems to strike the same people over and over. Stopped reading blogs.

A person I know IRL who I had hoped to be pregnant with at the same time becomes pregnant. (I'll explain later why I don't say exactly who she is. She is not a blogger.) RE still thinks I could try another medicated cycle. Decide to go ahead and start IVF process.

December: No meds or IUI this month. Have IVF consult. Have all sorts of 'fun' with insurance stuff... thinking there is great news one minute, to bad news the next, back to good news... more details on that later. (I hope the information I provide regarding insurance in my posts in the next few days can help someone else.) Still continue acupuncture.

December 11: Have a 'mock transfer' to get ready for IVF in Jan. Have BC pills in my posession. IVF meds scheduled to start Jan 11. RE checks my follicles while I am there for mock transfer. Have one nice follie on right ovary - size is 14. RE tells me I should ovulate within the next few days and to start progesterone on Dec 15, just in case. OPK next days indicates LH surge. BD w/preseed (just in case...) Dec 12, 13, 14.

Waiting for AF, who should arrive any moment.

Sorry for the very brief and clinical post. I wanted to get something up.