Thursday, February 21, 2008

Introducing Butters

Sorry for the delay in posting anything. I've been working late, and still passing out at night! However, before I continue, I wanted to again mention some fellow bloggers who just received bad news. I know there are countless others out there, but these are from some of the blogs that I currently follow.

Please send sticky thoughts out to JP. Her beta skyrocketed over the weekend, only to have it not double for the next test. Also, sadly, Azalea Baby's beta has now dropped.

I do feel odd posting about my situation with all the bad news going around. I guess I shouldn't, but I do.

First, thank you all for your well-wishes. I do feel better. In fact, by Tuesday morning, my fever and terrible cramps were totally gone. The only thing I had was pretty bad nausea... but not the kind that would make one throw up. I just didn't want to eat anything, which for me, is highly unusual. I wondered if it was leftover from my stomach-virus-thing or if it was a symptom! This lasted pretty much all day, plus, I still had some, (TMI) ummm....bathroom issues. However, I felt 100% better, and it didn't interfere with work, etc. Things were pretty much the same yesterday, maybe a bit better and today, I have barely any nausea. Maybe a bit. Still some, umm... bathroom issues. So... perhaps it was all related to whatever bug I had.

So anyway, ah yes, the ultrasound! Dr. M. did the ultrasound himself - I think he does all the ultrasounds once you've reached this stage. My ovaries are not overly swollen at all, which is good. That's what you all wanted to know about, right? My ovaries?

Ok - to the important part. We saw one little guy/gal in my uterus. DH and I were sad, knowing that either 'lefty' or 'righty' didn't latch on. However, that being said, I'm not complaining, and I know how lucky I am to have had one blastbaby stick!!! I absolutely realize what a miracle it is for me to be the 'p' word at all.

We were able to see the tiny sac right away. Dr. M. said it measured right on target. He then pointed out the yolk sac, and the beginning of a fetal pole, which are basically just little dots inside the sac. We were unable to detect a heartbeat, which is not unusual. Dr. M. did warn me before the ultrasound that we may not see one quite yet, and if that's the case, I shouldn't be concerned. Of course I had already scoured the Internet and knew that 5w5d was still pretty early for a heartbeat, so I was prepared. (Dr. M. actually said I was 5w4d, and I'm not quite sure why, since ER was on Jan. 25, but, whatever.)

I have of course included a picture, though you won't really see much yet, just the teensy sac.

(If you want to see some totally cool pictures, check out Rebecca's 3-D pics!)

DH and I are now referring to the little one as Butters. We came up with that because for some reason, we thought of the innocent little kid on South.Par.k named Butters, and thought if our tiny one could talk (stop laughing at me!) we imagined him/her talking like Butters - like "Hey guys, I'm trying my best to grow in here...awww gee...look, I'm growing hands!" DH also really likes the character....ok, I know that may not make much sense if you have never heard of or seen this character, and even if you do know who Butters is, it still may not make any sense! Anyway, butter is kind of sticky too, so we thought Butters was fitting.

Because we did not yet detect a heartbeat, Dr. M. wants me to stay on all of my progeste.rone (booooo!) as a precaution. That's right - the PIO shots as well as two doses of gel a day.

Right before I left, Dr. M. decided to do b/w and check my HCG level. My HCG level, as of yesterday, was 6666. I laughed when they called me with the number! The doubling time has slowed now to 2.5 days, but the nurse who called said that Dr. M. reviewed the results of the b/w and the number was fine.

So now I wait until next Tuesday, Feb. 26, for my next ultrasound. Please keep sticking, Butters.


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I love the name Butters...perfect! Good luck at your next ultrasound...maybe you'll see the heartbeat at that one...that should be more than 6 weeks, right? That will be so cool...take it easy and keep nurturing Butters.

Meghan said...


Wonderful to meet Butters ;)

when is your next ultrasound scheduled? You should see a heartbeat for sure at that one!

Rebeccah said...

Butters looks absolutely delicious! So glad to hear that everything is progressing well. The 6666 number nearly killed me : )

peesticksandstones said...

What a gorgeous-looking sac. Go Butters, go! He's always been one of my favorite South Park-ers. I'm afraid, though, if we get pregnant again my husband will want to go with "Mr. Hankey".

Thanks for reminding me, too, about the jam-in-the-uterus thing (in your comment on my blog). I thought I'd read that in a book a long time ago, but could not remember. It's a helpful visual to keep in mind.

Denise said...

So cool! Hi Butters!

jp said...

Great things going on in your uterus!! I am super happy to hear that all is well with Butters!!!
Thanks for your sticky thoughts and for sending people my way with extra sticky thoughts.
I hope you are feeling good and I am so glad your ultrasound went well!!!!

heather said...

stick in there, butters! (mmmm, butter)
heather (saltandpickles)

SaraS-P said...

I am getting a great laugh picturing a tiny little Butters waving and announcing, "That's me!"

Wordgirl said...


Gosh, I stop checking blogs and look what happens....what WONDERFUL news....