Monday, February 4, 2008

5dp5dt - May I Go Insane Now?

I went for bloodwork this morning for E2 and P4 levels. (Estrad.iol and These are my numbers:

E2 - 418
P4 - 45

This means I am pregnant, right?! Just kidding.

The nurse who called said Dr. M. said the levels were good and to keep taking all my estrad.iol pills and icky I don't know alot about these levels, but from what I sort of know from reading, they are ok, but don't really tell me anything. (ie, these aren't 'Oh my GOD your PG!!' levels) Anyone have more insight/info?

Anyway, I'm hungry all the time it seems. Step AWAY from the food, damn it! No, I do not think this is a pregnancy sign, it just means I am taking evil

I am scared to POAS. I actually did POAS 3dp5dt to verify that the HCG shot was gone, and it was. I knew it was too early for anything to show unless one blast divided and I was carrying triplets! I still hated having that test scream "NEGATIVE!!!" at me though. Yes, my tests are special and come with the added benefit of screaming the results at me.

Anyway, now I have 9 tests left, and am scared that a negative, even though it is still a little early, is going to make me go hysterical. DH said I should try tomorrow morning. I still may chicken out.

We interrupt this IF blog for a quick football update:
First - wow, the GIANTS won the Super.bowl?!? I know rebecca is happy :) DH, my SIL and I were actually rooting for the Giants at the end and we don't even like the Giants! (Can't help it - we're Eagles fans) However, we're all sick of the Patriots so at first we just kept rooting for whoever was on defense! Then for some reason we just started cheering for the Giants at the end of the 4th quarter, probably because they were the underdogs. We kept saying "I can't believe we're rooting for the Giants!" Ha ha - sorry Brady!

No one noticed I drank only seltzer last night. :) Since I often drink water along with beer (the whole hydration thing) it wasn't odd for me to have water in front of me. Plus, we made sure there were beer bottles around me, and DH and my SIL helped cover for me. (did I mention that SIL is pregnant?)

Lefty, Righty? Please, please still be there.


Meghan said...

You get those malfunctioning tests that yell and verbally abuse you too...I thought I was the only one ;) I don't know much about E2 levels in the 2ww but your progesterone does look nice and high!!

Fingers crossed for you!

elizabeth said...

Glad you had fun last night, and really hoping that Righty & Lefty both stick!!!

Optimistic said...

I also don't know much about E2 but that seems like a great progesterone level! I'm sure by now you are going CRAZY waiting and wondering.

Oh yeah - How bout them GIANTS!!!!!!! :)

Denise said...

Your numbers seem good, but what do I know? Our clinic doesn't even check levels between transfer and beta. Wonder why that is.

Maybe the pee sticks that yell at you will start singing instead when they are positive?

I am really torn on the POAS thing. Really. I don't have any in the house and if I did, I think they would be gone by now. I'm terrified though. I won't if you won't.

Azalea Baby said...

Hang in there... I've tagged you so now you have something to do to occupy your mind for a bit. :) I'm a little behind you in the 2WW so I'm sure I'll be just as batty in a few days...

Duck said...

I know nothing about numbers - so sorry no advice here - but try and hold out for the beta.

SaraS-P said...

May you go insane with joy in a few days from a positive beta.