Sunday, February 3, 2008

4dp5dt - Creeping Thoughts

The thoughts are creeping in… you know… THOSE thoughts.

I’ve been pretty happy since the egg retrieval, because things went so well (other than being a little disappointed that we didn’t have any blasts to freeze.) But now, at 4dp5dt, I’m scared.

I’m scared that this did not work. If I can’t hold on to at least one of two awesome little blasts... then what?? I feel like this cycle will end like all others - “Oh, everything looks so GREAT! Blah blah blah…..oh wow, you’re not pregnant… gee… that doesn’t make any sense.” I am sick and tired of things not making sense and all of this damn is not helping!

I’m trying to figure out if whining like this in my blog will get it out of my system so then I can go back to feeling positive. I’m such a hypocrite, aren’t I? I’ll be the first one to post in someone else’s blog, “It’s still early – don’t give up yet!” Now look at me! Do as I say, not as I blog, I guess.

I should be posting about the get-together I had with a group of people I used to work with last night – it was fun, and no one asked when we were going to have kids. (None of them know about my fertility treatments) I think people know at this point that it isn’t something they should be asking – smart people! They used to ask a while back, before we knew the extent of our fertility issues, so we just said we were trying. Now they just don’t ask. Plus, luckily, there was not one drop of alcohol around, which is usually not the case, so I didn’t have anyone wondering why I wasn’t even having one glass of wine! It was a perfect get together for a 3dp5dt gal! Now, tonight’s Superb.owl will be another issue as far as alcohol goes, but I think it will be pretty easy – I’ll just have a beer in front of my all the time, and with the number of people there, I don’t think anyone will notice much. Plus, I know DH will help cover for me.

Now back to our regularly scheduled whining. Wah wah wah. I’m hungry. I'm thirsty - been drinking so much water that I'm surprised I'm not floating. I’m tired, my clothes don’t fit, I’m not going to the gym (I was told not to) which is probably why my clothes don’t fit - and I wouldn’t care about all that if I was pregnant! I swear I am not a selfish beeatch who only cares about her waistline. But I know I am feeling like this because of all the pumping through my body. Even if I am pregnant, it would be too early to have these symptoms. So feeling like this just pisses me off - plus the fact that I felt very heavy and crampy Thurs. and especially Fri. (1d and 2dp5dt) Now I feel nothing. That’s like having crampy feelings around 6-7dpo. And guess what? I have had that before, and then it went away - and it always ended with a BFN. F**k!!!

I started crying a little this morning (and immediately stopped because I know that wouldn’t be good for me or any little blasts that could be hanging around) which frustrated DH because he can’t stand it when I start feeling negatively. I’m trying to be positive, I really really am.

*SIGH* Lefty, Righty? Are you still there?


Rebecca said...

I can tell that you're trying to be positive - I really can. Having all those hormones floating around plus not being able to work out or drink wine??? How could you be normal after all of that? Try to keep your chin up and hopefully it will work out for you and your two blasts!

Denise said...

I agree with Rebecca. The hormones really screw with your emotions and with your body. But I hear ya on THOSE thoughts. I'm having them too. I'm trying to IGNORE them and push them out of my head (or at least to the back).

And you are only 5 days away from your beta. Are you going to POAS? I'm torn. I have a poll on my blog and it is split almost down the middle. I want to, but I'm terrified to.

"I'm 37!?!" HaHa!! That scene is on you tube. Thanks for the laugh.

Optimistic said...

I think its human to think all those thoughts. Not to mention all the hormones going crazy in your body right now. Sending positive thoughts your way!

Meghan said...

Hey carrie, sorry all that freakin progesterone is wrecking havoc on you. Not only have you been through the emotional wringer, now you're pumping extra hormones into the that whole post sounded perfectly sane to me!

I'll think positive for you! When is your beta again?

Rebeccah said...

Would it help to know that you're not alone in this? Because you're not alone in this! I've been a train wreck all day, absolutely sure that this cycle isn't going to work, wondering if we should be filling out that adoption paperwork, blah blah blah. If I step away from the edge, I know it's the hormones talking, but this waiting stuff pretty much sucks. Okay, 'nuff said. Positive thoughts all around!

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