Monday, January 28, 2008

Meeting My Embryos

I finally get to meet my embryos at 12:15pm on Wednesday, Jan. 30. I don’t have to be there until noon, but was told to start drinking water around 10:30am, etc etc…. and that I wasn’t allowed to pee after 11am. Argh. I did have some practice back in December, because I had to do the same thing for the mock transfer. Has anyone else done that? I had to arrive with a full bladder, and they run through the procedure (except there are no embryos, obviously). Dr. M. said they do this so they have a good idea ahead of time what my uterus is like and how things should be positioned.

I will actually arrive at the office early, around 11:30am, to meet my acupuncturist. He meets IVF patients at the place of the transfer and gives a half hour session right before and right after transfer. Now that’s cool. I know studies show that the IVF success rate is higher when patients receive treatment on transfer day. I’m doing anything to make sure these little guys/gals stick!

I was hoping that when I found out my transfer time today, I would also receive another embryo update, but I guess I won’t hear anything else until that day. I wonder how they are progressing. My acupuncturist has done treatments at my Dr. M’s office before (it was Dr. M. who recommended him) and he was pretty sure that we would receive a picture of the embryo(s) transferred. Good! I am planning on transferring two – I can’t imagine that at my age, they would hold me to one, at least I hope not.

May I gush about Dr. M. for a moment? I have to say I really lucked out. Well, I guess it wasn’t all luck – I did go to him because he was highly recommended. He owns his own practice so it’s just him – he is the only doctor I see. He does the ultrasounds two days out of the week when the ultrasound assistant isn’t there, and he always does the IUIs. I have seen him every single time I have been to the office, and was able to have the egg retrieval right at the office. He recently moved to this new complex, about six months before I started seeing him. I found out he had it built specifically for his practice, which is why the mini operating room for the retrieval and the lab are right in that same building. I didn’t think much about some of these things until I’ve read some descriptions of some other REs and I realized how fortunate I am. Plus he’s close to my home and office. I am trying to look at all the positive things that have happened through this whole experience and appreciate them, rather than look at just the negatives.... like all my negative pregnancy tests. (ha ha ha)

Speaking of pregnancy tests... my 10 tests arrived this week from Early Pregnancy Tests. You can't beat the price - I got 10 tests for $10.49, which includes shipping. Yes, I admit, I plan on testing before my beta on Feb. 8. I don't plan on testing 10 times, and I will not test if I think I will freak if it's negative. I may wind up not testing because I may chicken out. I guess we'll see.

Keep growing, little ones!


Meghan said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!

Duck said...

one more day until your see your embies... good luck tomorrow.

elizabeth said...

Good luck with your transfer!!!

Azalea Baby said...

Fingers crossed for a smooth transfer!!

Wordgirl said...

OH my goodness...a girl gets behind in her blog reading and look what happens!!!

Goood luck! I'll be crossing all the crossables for you!


Maria said...

Good luck today!! Today you meet your embabies!! It's such a special thing!

nancy said...

Totally wanting an update when you get back!! Hope all is well. I don't know what time zone you are in - your profile says "united states" - so I'll be thinking of you at 1215 in all timezones :)

By the way - I used to by my tests there, but now I get them from - 50 CENTS a piece!!! I bought 50 tests for $24.99 (I'm a poas addict, believe me, I'll use them.)

Rebeccah said...

Best of luck with your transfer today! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Egged Out said...

good luck today - thinking of you. And thanks for the tip on the hpts - I just ordered some. Much cheaper than the store.

Fingers crossed!