Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guess How Many Eggs

I triggered last night at 7:04pm exactly, and I am supposed to be at my RE's office at 6:30am tomorrow.

Ok, let's make this fun! I have no idea how many eggs they'll get tomorrow. I've read some blogs where they're getting 16-20 eggs and I'm jealous! :-) I had 16 follies as of yesterday, but only half, at most, will probably be mature.

I am guessing they will get seven eggs, which may be a little too optimistic, but that's my guess! So... how many eggs do YOU think they'll get? Don't be afraid to post a low number. This is just for fun!


Meghan said...

I'm going to go under the assumption that the trigger gave those smaller follies a growth spurt and say 10!

Good luck tomorrow morning. I'll be thinking of you!!

Duck said...

I'm going with 12! Good luck tomorrow.

Alisa said...

I'll take 9

Maria said...

My guess is 11! I hope it went well today!!

Thanks for your comment!!

Optimistic said...

Good luck today! I'm guessing 10

Egged Out said...

I think seven good ones!