Monday, September 10, 2007

Football and Follies

Yesterday, I actually stopped thinking about follicle size for a few hours as I watched football and concentrated on seeing my favorite team lose (arrgh!!) DH and I both love to watch football and once the season starts so does our Sunday ritual of going up to our favorite hangout nearby to watch a game, screaming a lot at the TV, and jumping around high-fiving everyone when something good happens. People we haven’t seen since the Superbowl are there too - it was like football reunion day yesterday. So there were some mood swings going on yesterday, but all related to football. :)

My ultrasound this morning gave me a little encouragement. The reduced dosage of gonal.f seemed to have the desired effect. I have a total of 16 follicles, but eight are small. Of the eight bigger ones, 4-5 are very similar in size (around 12-14) and the other three are enough smaller that my RE doesn’t think they will ‘catch up’ to the others. (to recap: RE doesn’t want more than 4-5 follicles releasing, fearing I’ll suddenly become Fertile Woman and wind up with triplets) Sooo… he said I was to keep gonal.f at 75 and to continue the ganireli.x., but to wait for confirmation after he reviewed my blood work. He then asked me if I would be fired from my job if he asked me to come in tomorrow. I said no … (luckily I can just go in a little early and skip lunch) So I go back at 8:45am on Tuesday. Later in the afternoon, one of the nurses called and told me that after reviewing my blood work, RE wanted me move the gonal.f shot back up to 150.

I am guessing that the IUI will be on Thursday or Friday, depending on the ultrasound results tomorrow. The feeling of a little hopefulness that I had early Saturday (before I started feeling like crappola about everything) came back today, especially after the encouraging ‘follicle farm’ update. I also greatly appreciate the comments I have received – they help too. Thank you. :)

Not much else to report... I am having one side effect from the injectibles (I assume it is related to the inectibles anyway...) which is very irritating. I have not decided if I should post about it - of course, technically I am posting about it since I just mentioned it. Oh I don't know - I'll decide later!


Fertilize Me said...

oh great news - good luck to you

Hekateris said...

Post away. Nothing's too TMI for us.

Wanting & Waiting said...

Carrie ~ Good luck today...hope all went well!