Friday, October 10, 2008

Party in My Belly

Ooops - I did it again - the 'no blogging' phase! So I decide that n0w, after over a month, while I'm sitting here in a towel, with wet hair, that it's essential that I at least post something! My due date is just 8 days away, and I actually hope I don't deliver early because there's still a list of 'to-dos' that I want to do, even though I am dying to meet Butters. Is that weird?

Here's the super brief update!

  1. I am still 'p'! Had my most recent Dr. appointment yesterday. Butters is head down and super low, just as she/he has been since week 20. It feels like everything is in my upper belly though, so I gather I am feeling a lot of butt and legs.
  2. I have not had any contractions or feelings like the baby has 'dropped'
  3. I stopped working at my full-time job over a week ago. You would think that would mean I would be online more, but I am actually online less. I do what I need to do for my home business and then go back to doing other stuff in the house.
  4. I've been frantically getting other things ready at home (see above item about not being online a lot) - things that I am afraid will never get done if I don't do them before Butters arrives!
  5. We do have the nursery set up... and this is where I am currently writing from. The main cable connection is in this room and there really isn't any other place to set up my computer at the present time, so there is a small computer area in one corner of the nursery.
  6. I have more belly pics.
  7. I feel fine, other than sharp nerve pains in my legs from time to time, which are actually pretty painful, but don't last long. All the congestion I had throughout most of the pregnancy is finally gone, and I have thus far escaped any massive water rentention/swelling. (knock on wood!)
  8. I am walking a 5k tomorrow!
  9. I need to check in on everyone else!

So there ya go. Perhaps if I vow to write every day until I go into labor, I actually will because I'll feel like even more of a moron if I post my vow here and then don't follow through.

I must go dry my hair now.


Springroll said...

SO glad to see you back and know that you are doing well! I am wishing you luck and love in the birth of your little butters...keep us all updated!!

Ms. J said...

Been missing you . . . glad to hear everything is okay (I was getting nervous)!!!