Sunday, October 12, 2008


Guess what? I updated the belly shots page. I know - how exciting!

What else is exciting? Politics? Oh no, I'm not going there in this blog. I have other outlets online to get into all that 'fun' stuff! Hmm...well, the Eagles won tonight, though I'm not too happy with how they've been playing... they almost blew a game they should have won! DH and I went to our usual hangout to watch the game - it may be the last time we'll go there to watch a game for a while. (is it wrong to bring a newborn to a bar? Kidding.... kidding!) I joked with everyone about how I planned it so my due date would be on the Eagles Bye-week. (as if infertile me could actually plan such things!) Of course everyone we hang out with there made us promise to stop by with the baby - one couple said they would pay for a babysitter one Sunday so we could come watch a game - he insisted that he was very serious, and to please take him up on his offer! Both sets of grandparents live less than 10 minutes away so we probably won't need babysitters (and I wouldn't leave a newborn with one anyway) but we thought that was a very nice gesture. Anyway, it still seems unreal....that I'll be sitting here with a baby probably within the next week.... or less???

I still have a difficult time grasping this concept....a real, live baby. Here. With me. It almost doesn't seem real, even though I am sitting right here in the nursery as I type!


Susan said...

HEY!!!!!! I was hoping you would find the time to post before the baby got here. Looks like you are doing GREAT! Walking a 5K? I can't even get my feet in a size 10 tennis shoe! That would be cool if we had our babies n the same day, but I won't wish for it. I'll think calming non-labor thoughts for you until Friday. K? take care!

Ms. J said...

You look beautiful!!!