Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Was that an elbow or a foot?

FYI: This short post is about 'p' stuff.

Guess what I think I felt last night? I believe Butters was kicking or elbowing me... or something.

I was sitting on the couch a couple of hours after dinner. I just had some decaf coffee, and I felt something below my belly button. You know how sometimes you can feel your heartbeat in other places in your body? I know that sounds weird... but that's sort of what it felt like - like a heartbeat in my belly. Just one, then another, then it stopped. I thought it was gas or digestion, but then realized I had not felt that particular sensation before, so I lay back, pulled up my shirt, put the TV remote on my stomach right below my belly button, (an idea I got from The Sarcastic Journalist at baby-gaga.com) and waited. I then felt the same sensation again and when I did, the remote bounced!!

It happened a few times, so I yelled to DH to come over. The movement of course stopped as soon as DH arrived (c'mon Butters... don't be shy...show off for Daddy!) After DH walked away it happened one or two more times, (of course!) then I didn't feel it again.

So, I either have an incredibly active digestive system, or I think I finally felt my first movement. It didn't feel like "butterflies" at all, it was more like a pulse. Pretty cool. Haven't had any such sensations since then, but I realize I won't feel things on a regular basis since it is still early. (I'm 20w3d today) Of course, I'm going to try and repeat the same steps this evening for fun....eat dinner, wait a bit, have some coffee, sit on the couch, and hope I get to feel the 'belly pulse' again.

Less than 72 hours until my ultrasound, though I'm not counting hours or anything. (yeah, right!)


Ms. J said...

How exciting! Did you and DH come to any compromise or gameplan on the "to find out or to NOT find out" thing yet?

docgrumbles said...

Hooray for movement!

Rebeccah said...

Wow, movement! That's so exciting!! Yay!

Susan said...

Yay! go Butters! That is so cool. I haven't felt flutters either, but Wednesday night while lying on the sofa i felt the baby do three tumblesets. I was like, "it's about time!" I'm gonna try the remote thing next time.