Friday, March 7, 2008

A Quickie

I don't have time to post much at the moment, but wanted to mention that Tuesday's u/s was fine. Butters is almost 11mm and his heart was pumping away at about 150bpm. I will post a picture in my next post. I'll be going back to Dr. M. one more time next week, even though I don't really have to. However, you know I must squeeze in an extra u/s, since it may be a while before I have one again! My regular Obgyn appointment is March 18.
I am also a bit behind in my blog reading/commenting. I hope to catch up this weekend, though I'll be on a bar crawl this Saturday. That's right - a bar crawl. I decided one day of drinking won't hurt. Right?


I'M KDDING! I'm going to get 'hammered' on O'Douls ;-) Preferably O'Douls Amber if it's available. I can have fun observing a bus full of drunk people. Heh heh. I just can't let anyone know I'm not drinking, as usual. DH and SIL are the only ones going who know of my situation.

Ok, more later.


Swim said...

I'm glad your u/s was good and your little one has a strong heart beat.

Take photos on your bar crawl!!

SaraS-P said...

I hope Butters enjoys the O'Douls!

Anonymous said...

bah im fully choosing to be anonymous as i say this... and from a lurker too!
O'Douls still has alcohol in it. If you feel strongly about alcohol during pregnancy (i.e. wouldnt take a sip of wine or a glass of champagne), then skip the O'Douls. I believe, but dont quote me, that the percentage is around 1%, about the same as some mouthwashes.... A sprite with a twist (or tonic or even just diet coke with a lime) looks like alcohol and most people wont say too much.

I personally think a glass of wine is fine on the occasion and 1 or 2 ODouls is fine too, but what do i know? Im an anonymous lurker....

Optimistic said...

Yeah for butter :)! Enjoy your big night out! We went to dinner and bowling with a bouch of couples this last weekend, I realized how boring bowling really is when you can't drink!

Optimistic said...

Thanks for the comment - glad to hear you also are gaining the weight ;)! Seriously though, I'm so glad things are going well with your pregnancy! Let's look forward to the next trimester ;)!