Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Past Week in a Big Nutshell!

I really got behind in updates last week and then the NY/Wedding/Football/Trigger-and-kick-people-out-of-the-hotel-so-I-can-get-knocked-up weekend put me farther behind. I brought my laptop but never logged on, which for me is a major miracle - 3 days and no computer or Internet. Usually, a 3 day Internet 'dry spell' never occurs by choice.

Anyway, I am going to give a super brief overview of the past week, and will elaborate in later posts this week - after I finish catching up on reading and commenting on other blogs, (I wish I was reading more good news...) which I still haven't done. Started, but not finished.


Thurs., 10/11 - Last Re appointment for this cycle. Follicle sizes:
16, 16, 15, 13 (and a bunch of smaller ones)

RE told me to take one final gonal.f shot that morning. Was told to trigger Fri. night. DH and I were to have our 'fun time' on Fri. night, Sun. morning, and Mon. morning. (again, no IUI this cycle b/c RE was going to a major fertility conference in D.C.) Had first acupuncture visit - it went well (again, I will go into details in later posts)

Fri., 10/12 - Walked around NY all day - had a blast. Triggered that night (very late) DH and I were in the Irish Pub at the hotel with my SIL, (her husband did not arrive until Sat.) and ran upstairs to the room for the fun and then came back down! (SIL stayed in bar with other people attending the wedding and covered for us when people asked where we were) DH and I then told SIL she had to play 'guess the bed.' ;-)

Sat., 10/13 - Hung out and then went to the wedding, which was awesome.

Sun., 10/14 - What fun - Morning - SIL out of room, her husband in the shower... and guess what we did. Yep. DH joked with SIL and her husband the night before about it - luckily they have known what we've been going through since the beginning. In fact, my SIL recommended the RE I go to because she knew people who had gone to him. Anyway, we did bolt the door and told SIL's hubby to stay the hell in the shower. How romantic! Actually, DH and I were cracking up because the whole thing was just so comical. Anyway, we got the job done and we all headed off to the football game. Good time was had by all. Football rules.

Mon., 10/15 - 1dpo - Followed the RE's orders, and kicked off the 2ww. Oh - and I tried Pre-Seed for the first time. Hoped to have it before the weekend, but it arrived Friday after we left (figures) Had second acupuncture appointment. Found out one of his patients who started acupuncture in the same stage of her cycle (doing meds and IUI) just this month is already pregnant, even though she had just started the acupuncture. Said he's been on a positive streak recently. Hoping to keep that streak alive....

So that puts me at 4dpo today. Next acupuncture appointment is tomorrow.


Meghan said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Glad your SIL and BIL are good sports ;) Nothing like sneaking sex to make you feel young again!

Egged Out said...

well done! And I thought scheduling appts with the RE was tough. Happy 2ww!

jenna sais quoi said...


Now that sounds like a fun wedding. ;)

Thank goodness for understanding roomies. I hope that the equation adds up for you guys this month!

elizabeth said...

Good luck!

CAM said...

Hey...that sounds like a lot more fun than an IUI!! Good luck. Thanks for the comments on my site.

Fertilize Me said...

Excellent my friend !! Wishing you success!

Wordgirl said...

I love reading this post! I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of wishes during the 2ww.

Thank you for your kind words Carrie -- it's been powerful to have such kind people on this path -- which can be so hard.

I'm rooting for you!