Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still Alive and Kicking

I decided to sign in and post so my blog wasn't deleted for inactivity! I never did start a new blog and obviously have not updated this one. I should post things just to at least keep a record for myself as to what is going on - anyway, I am still pregnant, am due in about 6 weeks. My amniotic fluid is on the low side so I have to go to the doctor every week and drink a ton of water. I was also told recently not to exercise to see if that brings the fluid level up a bit. If the level drops more they said I could be put on bed rest which is NOT a good thing since we are in the process of moving and am taking care of a toddler!!

This pregnancy is in many ways similar to my first one. I am carrying very much the the same way, though I feel a lot more pressure lower down, and have for a few months, probably due to everything being stretched from the first time. Heartburn is worse this time, but I didn't become congested for months.

Now I need to find out why I can't get into my e-mail account that is associated with this blog - hotmail probably deleted it.
(was able to just reactivate it)

And gee, look... spammers have been posting comments. I guess I can't allow anonymous comments now. Do spammers REALLY think that these posts will get people to click on their links?!


Expectant Duck said...

Congrats! It's duck, remember me from my other old blogs?
Anyhow, we just welcomed our 2 little ones into the world born via GS.

Glad that your doing well.

Rebecca said...

I thought you completely gave up! Good to hear you're still around...hate spammers and no, no one will EVER click on their links!

小晶 said...
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Wordgirl said...

How are you???