Wednesday, November 4, 2009

IVF#2... We've got one bean....

A few things....
At this point, IVF #2 worked... had one ultrasound last week and there is one little sac. I have one this Friday and hope to see a heartbeat. I actually POAS after writing my last post and it looked negative... then I went back later and saw the *faintest* line... which NEVER happened to me. I could look at tests 8 hours later and it would still be stark white... so I went to $ Tree and got a few more and the line became darker. I called my RE and got my beta moved up one day. The numbers were high enough that I thought it might be twins (!) but there's just one. I am continuing with acupuncture, just like before (well pregnancy visits)

I have not been updating here - and that may seem odd since usually I would be posting all my beta numbers and such, and I wanted to... but.... I have been trying to decide what to do about this blog... it has been anonymous (except for two people IRL who know about it) and I really would like to start one that my family and friends can read. In the beginning of my infertility 'journey' I needed a place to log things, to vent and discuss things with people who know exactly what I was going through - and I still need that but I don't feel like I need the anonymity. Plus, while I am still infertile (can't get pregnant without IVF!) I don't think people who are searching out infertility blogs would be too interested in reading my blog at this point since it will be nothing but a pregnancy blog again (assuming this one sticks!)

I seriously don't think someone struggling with infertility is interested in hearing about my situation at this point - and I don't blame them!! So I think I will end this blog here very shortly... though I don't want to make this my very last post quite yet.

That's what is going on at this point. I plan to update after my next ultrasound and then hopefully know what I am doing about starting another blog....


Rebecca said...


Rebeccah said...

Just wanted to say hi and I'll be thinking of you on Friday!

Springroll said...

Carrie - SO good to see you back on here...please don't end it! I think that stories like yours give girls with IF hope...
Looking forward to reading more about the progress of Baby #2 -

lori said...

i agree with springroll, but for a different reason. i think that blogging about the journey from IVF to parenthood not only gives other IFers hope, but it also marks a place in the world. it's a weird place to be. i separated my blogs, and looking back i wish i hadn't. IF and IVF are such a HUMONGO part of my parenting journey and they really do form the base of my parenting style...they belong together, and i wish i'd kept them together. i have kept my IF and IVF blogs public and linked, but i no longer update them.

whatever you do, i look forward to following along. i left the IF world when i passed the viability dates with my 2nd IVF pg...i feel guilty about that, and want to re-enter to support and to not forget where i come from.

Hua said...

I just came across and I have enjoyed reading your posts. I look forward to an update. I hope all is well.

Director of Blogger Networks

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