Friday, August 31, 2007


Great. My insurance has a cap on what they will pay for fertility medication per year- and that has just run out. Anyone who has taken injectibles knows how much money they are. (yes, I know no where near what IVF costs... I am sure those who have gone through IVF must think I'm an idiot right now.) Will post more later when I am not at work (after all, I need to make the $$$ to pay to try and create what billions of people create for free) and when I am not about to explode. I do realize that so many of you out there have had to put out WAY more than this, and I should not be whining about it. This just caught me off guard - just another added little stress. This sucks.

Just as I wrote the above, the pharmacy called to set up delivery of my very expensive little gona.l f pens. The woman on the phone told me that in the unfortunate case that this cycle doesn't work, (argh) and I try again next month and get the meds through them and that cycle also does not work, (ARGH!) medication after that is free through their pharmacy. That brought my blood pressure down a good bit.

Maybe this cycle will work. Why do I feel like it won't? That's not the right attitude - I know. And I need to be working, not posting. I'm just so aggravated right now.

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Egged Out said...

Hi -C
Welcome to infertility blog land. Good luck this cycle. We are almost on the same schedule. I hope this cycle goes well for you!